3 Clever Uses of Seed Paper for Real Estate Agents

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Eco-friendly, memorable, and customizable—three qualities that make for the perfect real estate promotional product. With tons of real estate agents on the market, it’s essential to make yourself stand out in all the right ways. Seed paper, which is a biodegradable paper embedded with seeds, will put you a step above the rest. Here are three clever uses of seed paper to meet all your real estate needs.

  1. Door Hangers

As versatile as they are useful, door hangers serve a wide variety of purposes for real estate agents. Low investment and simple to implement, they’re an easy way to make a big impact. By utilizing seed paper for the base, your door hangers will go the extra mile. Since seed paper functions just like regular paper, you’re able to print your relevant information, promote current projects, and indicate that it’s constructed with seed paper. The environment—and your future clients—will thank you for it.

  1. Postcards

Every day, mail overwhelms many individuals to the point where they simply don’t have the time to go through it. Rather than risk someone throwing away your postcard, create something unique that people will want to hold on to. Seed paper postcards show people that you’re conscious about the environment, yet still want to make the effort to reach out. The best part is that the design is totally up to you. Whether you’re going for a witty message or a heartfelt hello, the uses of seed paper are endless.

  1. Key Holder

Nothing is as exciting as handing over the keys to your clients’ new home. Give it that extra touch of care by including a seed paper key holder. A memorable finishing touch that could be the beginning of their new garden, a seed paper holder is a perfect way to bring your real estate branding home. As a real estate agent, what truly matters is that you’re making a difference in your clients’ lives. Through the use of seed paper, you can go the extra mile to show your compassion and care for both your clients and the environment.

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