Eight Great Ways to Go Green this NYE





New Years is a time to celebrate the oncoming birth of a new year, a clean slate in which we can carve the goals of the next 12 months into. 2015 was quite the year for environmental accomplishments, including Obama cancelling the Arctic Drilling lease sales and the Paris Climate talks. In honor of the strides we as a global community have made towards protecting the earth, and the anticipated momentum of this movement in 2016, let’s start the new year off right with 8 ways to go green this New Years Eve



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$   1.   DIY Noisemakers

These can be made in multiple ways.

A favorite from childhood is taking two bowls or cups, using rice or raw beans, and sealing the cups or bowls with glue/tape.

$   2.     Reusable/compostable cups, plates, utensils

Compostable and bamboo utensils and plates have become a favorite alternative for single-use cutlery in the eco-conscious community. The compostable cutlery is made from plant cellulose, but still gives the feel and look of plastic (for those who find the transition difficult). Bamboo is a wonder plant, as it grows very fast, like a weed, and is sturdy enough to build homes out of. There are numerous online stores where you can purchase either of these alternatives.

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$   3.    Donate instead if shopping

Well, this just speaks for itself!

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      4.   Walk to and from NYE activities

$    5.    Use candle light, fireplaces, and LED bulbs to conserve energy

LED Lightbulbs last about 5-10x longer than CFL’s, do not contain mercury, and while very expensive, the cost is less than the amount of money and energy conserved when they are used.

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$   6.   Non-single use decorations

DIY Decorations are always a blast. Make streamers from old newspapers and clothes. Get out your paints and make your own ornaments from recycled goods. Gather dead sticks and wood outside and make a sculpture. Use the world around you as your medium, and your home as a canvass.

7. Throw a potluck celebration.

$   8.      Use seeded paper invitations, wish kits, and growfetti!

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Bloomin’s seed paper invitations are a perfect alternative to traditional invitations, being both eco-friendly and a perfect symbol for the seeds of the new year.

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A perfect group activity to set your resolutions are our seed paper Wish Kits, which include our seeded paper and pencils.


Growfetti is an amazing alternative to confetti made from plastic and harsh dies.

Check out products perfect for the New Year on our website: http://www.bloomin.com/


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