A DIY Garden Project: Newspaper Seedling Pots



Looking for a great rainy day activity that will let you enjoy nature? With newspaper seedling pots you can start your plants indoors and give them all the love and affection they need before transferring them to the great outdoors! It’s a simple DIY project with easy to come by materials and the freedom to make your pots as big is as small as you like!

You’ll need:

  • Sheets of newspaper (how many is up to you!)
  • Scissors
  • Small cylindrical container (like a spice jar)
  • Plant/flower seeds

Preparing Your Newspaper

Lay a page of newspaper flat on the floor. Cut it into fourths to get pieces that are the appropriate size for your pots. Cutting several pieces of newspaper at once will streamline the preparation process. Just keep in mind that you need only a quarter of each sheet of paper for a small seedling pot.

Rolling the Seedling Pots

To prepare your pot, fold the top edge of the paper over twice, creating a lip about an inch thick. Roll your seedling pot around a small spice jar or other cylindrical container of the appropriate size, with the folded lip at the top of the container for added stability around the rim. Allow at least an inch of paper to hang past the bottom of the jar.

Fold the bottom of the seedling pot in toward the jar to create a strong base for your pot. Fold the edges in, making sure every part of the bottom is covered. Press the jar firmly against a table or other flat, hard surface to press the base into shape. If needed, you can secure the bottom further with masking tape or a biodegradable cellophane tape. If your pot is small enough, however, you may be able to create a solid base simply by folding a few inches of paper inward and pressing it down firmly.

Finishing Your Pots

Gently slide the spice jar or other container out of your pot after securing the bottom. Fold the top edge of the pot down carefully to solidify the shape of the pot. Remember that these pots are not a long-term solution for your plants. They do not need to be perfect, and will actually serve your seedlings better if they’re not too solid. Place soil in your pots as soon as you’re finished shaping them. The soil will help each pot retain its shape.

Planting Your Seedlings

Start your seedlings in the newspaper pots by gently pressing two to four seeds into each pot. If you’re planting different types of seeds, make sure to label each pot. Fold a piece of masking tape around a toothpick as a label, or write the information on a popsicle stick. When the time is right to plant your seedlings outside, you can place the entire pot directly in the ground. The newspaper will decompose naturally as your seedling grows!

Newspaper seed pots are an environmentally friendly way to start your plants. They allow you to create a handy biodegradable starter pot from a material you might otherwise throw away. Upcycle your newspaper at home with this fun and fast project.

Image via Flickr by Jobyone

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