Back to School Tips to Help Your Kid Have the Best Year Ever

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Going back to school after the summer is exciting and scary for both students and parents. Help make it a smooth transition for everyone by preparing for that day adequately. With these back to school tips, your kid will feel ready to tackle their first day head-on.

Attend any open houses

Getting a feel for the school helps ease tension, especially if it’s your child’s first time attending. Give them a peek into their schooldays by bringing them to any open houses. School districts typically host these in the summer, so take a day off from the usual activities and let your kid receive a refresher on what to expect during their day-to-day.

Get to know your kid’s teacher

When you’re at that open house, make meeting your child’s teacher a priority. They’re in charge of helping your kid grow throughout the year, so having a chance to introduce yourself will make all the difference. For that extra personal touch, give them a seed paper thank you card to show them you appreciate their dedication.

Set up classmate playdates

The first day of school can leave students feeling anxious, especially when it comes to connecting with their peers. Set your kid off on the right foot by setting up playdates throughout the summer with future classmates. Simply having a friendly face greeting your child on their first day will put them at ease and allow them to focus on the positives.

Stay on top of back to school shopping
Leaving any task to the last minute will make it a stressful one. Turn the chore of back to school shopping into a fun adventure by bringing your children along. While picking out notebooks and pencils, you and your kid can talk about all the fun things they’ll do and learn in the upcoming year. To amp up the excitement, you can even make it a scavenger hunt, allowing your kid to channel their giddiness into something productive.

Practice for the first day back

Your child’s summertime routine is certainly going to be quite different from their school time routine. Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping that all goes well on the first day, do a couple of trial runs. Get them up when they would for school, practice their morning routine, and make a trek to the bus stop. This back to school tip will give them the preparation they need to feel confident when the first day finally comes.

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