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Bloomin’ has always made an effort to be a local leader in environmentally conscious business practices, from our soy dyes to our non GMO certification and 30 kW solar system, to our recent and exciting journey from an S-Corp to becoming a B-Corp! Most recently we signed a Climate Majority Letter supporting Environment Colorado’s lean towards 100% renewable energy before Europe’s goal year of 2050. I was lucky enough to interview Kyle Manley of Environment Colorado yesterday in regards to their nationwide campaign for 100% Renewable Energy by 2030. Here are some interesting points about this campaign:

LS: Why is it important to have small businesses sign on?

KM: “We are really trying to get attention of (Colorado’s) Senator Bennet to support clean energy in Washington DC. He wants to hear the voices of Colorado- small business owner’s, health professionals, young adults, etc. We are trying to convince him that Coloradans care about this plan.”

LS: What actions have you taken so far to gain support Renewables?

KM: “Besides sending the Climate majority letter out to Boulder County’s small businesses, we have organized petitions (on Valentine’s day we send 200 signed petitions to Senator Bennet as our Climate Sweetheart). We also use social media and grassroots efforts such as organizing educational events taking pictures with CU students and building an interactive map for Colorado. This map will highlight the collecting of short stories about how climate change has affected people/ small businesses in Colorado (keep an eye out for Bloomin’s contribution, coming soon!) This isn’t just in Boulder County- we have people in Denver, in the Front Range, and down near Colorado Springs.”

LS: Why is the clean power plant important?

KM: “The EPA has a plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants, 30% by 2030. Carbon pollution from power plants is biggest contributor to greenhouse gases, and yet we are still facing opposition from coal industry. We need a certain number of senators to support the cause to back Obama in case it is vetoed.

This is basically a nationwide plan to unite the 50 states to work together to end coal power- it is time for the states to take initiative. We want Colorado to lead the movement, to start the domino effect. Support from the “little people” has a huge impact on causes such as this.”

LS: What can we do?

KM: “Climate change is a huge issue that seems to be pushed aside by the people who have power. Right now what we need most is signatures on the letter- 20-30 small businesses from Boulder County + Front Range + Denver, as well as citizens to support the cause by educating friends and family, supporting Environment Colorado’s efforts by signing their petition, and even email Senator Bennet directly!”(


Click Petition link and sign your name in the Red Box that says Add Your Name:

Health Professionals, Small Businesses, Community Leaders, Elected Officials, Academic Institutions, and anyone in the Outdoor Recreation Industry are invited to sign the Climate Majority Letter (copy, paste, sign, send!):



Dear Senator Bennet,

More than 96% of Americans live in a county with at least one weather-related disaster in recent history. To top it off, 2015 was the hottest year ever recorded. Its time to cut the pollution that puts our familieshealth at risk and intensifies extreme weather.

The good news is that our country has moved forward with a plan that limits our countrys #1 source of global warming emissionscarbon pollution from dirty power plants. And the world recently came together in Paris on a global agreement to cut pollution. Unfortunately, polluters have vowed to do everything in their power to jeopardize this progress in Congress and in the states.

Despite the dangerous and irresponsible stalemate in Congress, climate change is not a policy debate in communities all across the United States. The effects of a changing climate are presenting a clear and present threat. From historic flooding to unprecedented wildfires, a changing and variable climate has tremendous implications for the livability, competitiveness and resilience of communities across the country and here in Colorado.  We need to act now to prevent Colorado experiencing the worst impacts of climate change.

The risks climate change poses to our health are also well-documented. Increased temperatures are expanding the spread of vector-borne diseases and deteriorating air quality, contributing to the rise of asthma cases and other respiratory illnesses. The Lancet, one of the worlds most respected medical journals, labeled tackling climate change as the biggest global health opportunity of the 21st Century.Action to limit carbon will also help reduce levels of soot and smog, making our air healthier to breathe.

Colorado continues to contribute to this problem. Colorados electric power sector emits 38.6 million metric tons of carbon pollution, the equivalent of 8,243,404 cars. Thats why we need Colorado government to provide a path forward to making meaningful reductions in carbon pollution. Shifting to clean and renewable energy and investing in energy efficiency are the best ways to reduce the need for polluting energy sources and secure a cleaner future.

That’s why I urge you to defend the Clean Power Plan and support the strongest possible state plan to cut carbon pollution in the coming year.






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