Bloomin won the Best Eco-Friendly Product (AGAIN) at ASI Show Chicago 2014

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Our new plantable seed coins are all the rage this year. They have won 3 out of the 5 Product Showcases at the 2014 ASI shows.They’re eco-friendly, customizable, and extremely unique friendly award

They are also so realistic that bystanders will actually pick them up right off the ground in excitement! Made from double-thick seed paper, they are the same size and shape as real U.S. minted coins. Letter-pressing both sides gives the coins a textured and weighty feel to them. Each coin will grow something different for your garden. If you want wildflowers this year, then only plant the pennies. To add to your veggie garden, plant the dimes for carrots & turnips or plant the quarters for a mix of salad greens. Create your own herb garden from the nickels which include a mix of basil, thyme,parsley, chive and oregano seeds.Check them out HERE

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