Christmas Fun with Seed Bombs




There is no larger representative for the oncoming Christmas season than the Christmas Tree itself. Children and parents are abound in search of that perfect splay of pine needles and scent. Once the tree is carefully selected, tied to the roof of the car, and set up in the perfect corner of the house, the only thing left to do is decorate. Adorning the tree, sewn in between globes of color and shapes from memories, are none other than the tradition of strung popcorn. This Christmas, Bloomin’ has created an eco- alternative- Seed Bomb Garlands.  

How To Create Your Own:

1. Use at least 50 Christmas themed seed bombs in Cranberry, Forest, and White (we have Hannukah and Kwanza color schemes as well!) 

2. Using either a drill bit, a screw driver, or a hammer and nails, put a hole down the center of the seed bombs. 

3. Acquire a piece of hemp tie, ribbon, or fishing twine that is at least 3 ft. long.

4. String the bombs onto the twine. Here is where you can really exercise your creativity. Instead of using just the bombs maybe you want to put a piece of popcorn in between each bomb, maybe you have other beads you would like to use with the bombs, or maybe you dont want a garland at all and you want to hang the bombs like Christmas ornaments- the choice here is completely yours.

5. Save your holiday cheer through the winter months, and when the Spring comes throw the seed bombs into the garden. As the seeds germinate and grow, so too will your memory of the holiday season, of family, friends, and joy. 

                                                  tree 2


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