DIY Valentine’s Day Cards with Seed Paper




It can get pretty expensive buying your children favors and cards for each of their classmates whenever a holiday rolls around. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the shops are overrun with red, pink, white, and purple propaganda convincing you to show your love through how much money you can spend. We here at Bloomin’ believe there is more to a gift than how much you have paid for it, which is why we have put together a DIY for making custom Valentine’s Day cards with handmade seed paper.

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Step 1: After acquiring your seed paper, decide which artistic medium is right for you (or your child). Inks will affect the seeds more than crayon or pencil, but may also be brighter and easier to read.

Step 2: Decide the shape of your seed paper card. The shape you choose will help to convey your message. Cutting seed paper into various shapes is a cute way to create a truly custom card. You can also fold the seed paper in half and create a fully plantable greeting card!

Step 3: Write a heartfelt message. If you are working on this project with a child, it may be nice to cycle through a few of the same phrases, so as not to create tension and perceived favoritism amongst the classmates. If you are creating this for a loved one or friend add a personal anecdote or memory.

Step 4: Hand it Over! One of the hardest parts about Valentine’s Day is getting up the courage to show your affections for someone. However, this is the perfect day to own your vulnerability and take a chance on love. Help your child hand deliver these messages and expose them to true, direct connection.


                Handwritten cards are a lost art in the age of iPhones and Social Media, evoking an air of creative mystery around a handmade Valentine’s Day card or letter to a secret admirer. There is no better symbolism to represent the sprouting of new love than with the sprouts themselves! This Valentine’s Day, choose green. 


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