Five Great Gifts to Get Dad this Father’s Day

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This Sunday, June 19th, is Father’s Day 2016. I don’t know about you, but whenever I ask my Father what he would like for Father’s Day he replies that he doesn’t need anything. If your Dad is as stubborn as mine, you probably have a pretty tough time shopping for him this time each year. In honor of stubborn Dads and frustrated children everywhere, Bloomin’ has put together a list of the 5 Best Gifts for Father’s Day:

Shaving Kit

Most men shave. Most Dads shave (maybe even twice a day!). If your Dad shaves there is no better combination of luxurious and practicality in a gift than a shaving kit! Most kits will last until the next Father’s day, leaving you at least another year of not having to think of another gift, as replacement creams and blades are a perfect gift for next year!


Beer Making Kit

If you Dad drinks (or even if he doesn’t) most Dads love to tinker and experiment. A beer making kit is a great way to get scientific and a bit buzzed with Dad this summer. You can either buy one or DIY- either way Dad will love it!


Who doesn’t like to go places and do things?! Even if Dad comes home at night after work and doesn’t move, you better believe he has a favorite band from his youth, a sports team he loves, or maybe a play he wants to see. Whatever it is- get you both tickets and take Dad out for some rowdy fun with his children!

Tackle His To-Do List

“Dad, my lightbulb is out!” “Honey, when are you going to get around to cleaning out the garage?” All Dads have an ongoing, never ending To-Do list (most likely courtesy of you and your family). What a better way to wake up then to have all of the things on your mind already taken care of?


Seed Paper

OK, ok, while this may be a bit of a marketing pitch it is only a BIT of a pitch because growing gardens and planting plants with Dad is a wonderful way to spend time together on Father’s Day! Not only is germinating and planting seed paper a great activity, but it will give you and Dad an ongoing, year after year project for the two of you, not to mention you both will love all of the fresh food and beautiful flowers!


This Father’s Day don’t compromise your sanity by asking Dad to tell you what he wants, and instead give him what you know he can’t help but adore! Remember, regardless of how much you spend or what you get your Father, the one thing he will cherish the most is the time you spend together.


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