Five Tips to Be More Eco-Friendly Everyday

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Living an environmentally friendly life may seem like a huge task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to make the world a greener place. These five tips to be more eco-friendly will help you live greener every day.

Eat less meat

You may not be ready to make the switch to a fully vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and that’s okay. Even choosing not to eat meat once or twice a week can have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. A large amount of carbon dioxide gases are produced by the livestock and meat industries. Cutting down on meat products in your diet can decrease your carbon footprint and lessen the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

Start a compost bin

If you want to stop throwing away your dinner scraps just to let them stink up the whole house, consider starting a compost bin. Composting not only reduces waste, but it also creates great fertilizer that you can use in your home garden.

Turn off electronics

When people attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, many focus on cutting down pollution and often forget the importance of energy conservation. One of the easiest tips to be more eco-friendly is to simply turn off electronics when they’re not in use. If you turn off or unplug items that aren’t in use, you will conserve energy, and you may even notice some savings in your energy bills.

Go paperless

While some paper is recyclable, a large amount of paper products still go into landfills. To lessen the amount of paper waste you produce, consider going paperless. With the advancements of technology and smartphones, it’s easier than ever to put everything online or a computer. Opt for online bank statements, decline paper receipts, and unsubscribe from mailing lists in favor of email subscriptions.

Donate old items

During your spring cleaning, you’re sure to come across items that you’ve outgrown and no longer have a use for. Rather than simply throwing these items away, which means they’ll end up in a landfill, consider donating to those less fortunate or holding a garage sale.

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