Five Ways to Go Green this St. Patty’s Day

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St. Patrick was the Patron Saint of Ireland, as well as a lover of all things Green. Adorned in clovers and Emerald robes, he visited various parts of Ireland and converted those of the Pagan religion to Christianity. In honor of his work, millions of people all over the world will be drinking copiously, partying, and making interesting decisions this March 17th. We here at Bloomin’ believe there are ways to celebrate the Irish spirit without Irish spirits, which is why we have decided to provide 5 ways to Go Green this St. Patty’s Day:


1.       Grow Clovers

Besides being a traditional symbol and a favorite accessory of St. Patrick himself, Clovers are extremely helpful for adding nitrogen back into soil that has been depleted. Much of the soil in the US has been depleted because of commercial farming practices and pesticide use, and clovers are part of a group of plants that reintroduce a healthy level of nitrogen back into the soil. Plants in this category are also called Nitrogen Fixers, and include beans, alfalfa, soybeans, and peanuts.

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2.       Walk

It’s not only greener, but also safer.

3.       Donate to an Irish Environmental Cause

Think of how much money is wasted each year on single use party supplies. Instead of spending money on decorations and green clothing, donate that money to a green cause or to an Irish based charity that will truly benefit from some Irish Luck.

4.     Recycle all alcohol cans/bottles 

Oh the waste, oh the waste!


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5.       Don’t buy green- just be green!

A lot of these holidays are just occasions for large companies to sell you themed merchandise, most of which gets thrown away. Instead of buying plastic St. Patty’s Day promotions plant a tree, work in your garden, eat green, clean green.

Every year March 17th is St. Patrick’s day. We may not get a choice about when we celebrate, but we certainly get a choice about how. This St. Patty’s day Be green without having to Buy green. 




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