Go Veggies! 3 Tips For Building Your Own Veggie Box This Summer


VeggiesIt’s not too late to start planting! Building your own veggie garden planting boxs is surprisingly fast, easy, and fun for the whole family. Not only is it an exciting way to teach the kids about where food comes from by watching tiny seeds grow into beautiful produce ready to eat, but it’s also an inexpensive alternative to buying expensive veggies from the store. All you need are some basic gardening tools, wood, and a little dirt. Read more for 3 tips on how to make a successful veggie box that will keep your friends and family stocked up with fresh produce all summer long…


3 Tips To Make Your Planter-Building Experience A Success!

strong box

1. Build a “Strong-Box” frame with the “strong-box” corner construction method. Nail planks to the end of one neighbor and the side of the other neighbor. After the frame is made and placed, drive the 4×4 stakes 2 inches into the ground next to the inside of the plank corners so that the stakes come to the same height as the planks (8 inches tall) and then nail the planks directly into the blocks.

box liner2. Keep the creepy crawlies out by lining the bottom of the box first with hardware cloth to keep out pests and then layer with weed cloth to prevent weeds from coming up under your hard-earned veggies. Staple or screw the two cloths to the sides of the planter box for the finishing touches.

 3. Fill’er up and fertilize your proudly-made box with two wheelbarrows of good planting soil, leaving about 2 inches from the top. Cover with a thin layer of fertilizer to keep the soil fresh, and start planting!

veggie box











 Materials Needed

Wood: 2 planks (2×8) 8 ft long; 2 planks (2×8) 5 ft long, 4 blocks (4×4) 10 in tall.

Dirt: 1 yard of planting soil.

Tools: wheelbarrow, shovel, metal rake, hammer, nails, gloves, bag of fertilizer, seeds, 1/2 in hardware cloth, weed cloth.









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