Happy Halloween! Boo!

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Happy Halloween! All of the ghouls, goblins, little monsters and witches will be out and about on tonight strutting around town to collect their tricks and treats. Halloween in Boulder is quite a spectacle. The locals, young and old, put loads of time, money, and energy into making elaborate costumes to frolic around downtown Pearl Street and has become somewhat of a massive holiday here in the bustling Republic of Boulder.

Boulder is a town with a unique, funky vibe and with the saying, “keep boulder weird” you can imagine all of the creative folks hanging around. Not to mention that we have several costume stores that are open year round to fulfill the needs of anyone in a pinch for a fun evening out even if it isn’t Halloween.

The Ritz

jelly belly costume


A flash mob performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance has become one of the main attractions, hailing in over 30 people to “spontaneously” join in this entertaining ensemble.

Flashmob Training

michael jackson thriller

Daily Camera Article Flashmob

And for the little pumpkins out there, The City of Boulder offers a Munchkin Masquerade. How cute!

kid edward sissor hands

Boulder Munchkin Masquerade


Olive HalloweenWishing everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween!!








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