How To Write a Truly Heartfelt Thank You Note




I remember the disdain that rushed through me after every birthday party, the knowledge that my mom would soon sit me down, put a pen in my hand, and make me write those dreaded Thank You Notes. It didn’t occur to me until I was older that those thank you notes are not only a nice touch, but they are often times expected. This can lead to a drab, generic note that doesn’t go much farther than a literal thank you for the gift, or thank you for coming. There are ways to avoid the nonspecific Thank You Note trap, and in honor of National Thank You Month this January here are 8 ways to write a perfect thank you note:


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Hand Written Notes are always more personal. In the age of Facebook messenger, texting, and email it is extremely rare to receive a written note. Not only will your guests acknowledge that you took your time to do it, they will be touched that you took your time to do it for them.

Use first names. Have you even gotten a note that read “Dear Ms. (Insert Name),” ? It is likely that this note was either from someone you hardly know or to someone that is either old enough or important enough to require some sort of formal address. Regardless of their position, using someone’s first name makes them feel known and that their presence and friendship is truly appreciated.

Refer back to a past memory or to a future endeavor. A quick reference to their new home, a play on words that refers to an inside joke from college, an “I hope to see you at the family reunion in San Francisco this summer” is always a lovely way to solidify the bond between you and the receiver of this Thank You Note. It is a reminder that your relationship is strong, and means more than just an invite and a gift.

Call out the specific gift they gave or, if no gift, maybe a conversation you had with them at the event. This shows a true personalization of the thank you note. Your guests will picture you sitting down with a list you made of attendees and respective gifts. They will see you taking the time to address each card individually, giving each person a dose of gratitude all their own.              

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Mention how you plan to use their gift or why you appreciate it. No one wants to feel as if they wasted their money on something. Even more than that, no one wants to feel like they don’t know you well enough to get you exactly what you want and need. Make your guests feel appreciated simply by acknowledging the time and energy spent to make you feel that very same way.

Be Authentic! Give your friends and family some credit- they know you, and they know when your heart just isn’t in it. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Integrity is key.

Send the thank you note within 3 weeks of the event. This way your Thank You Note is received within 4 weeks-1 month the latest after the event, and your guests aren’t left wondering if you even remembered that they were there.

Use Bloomin’s Seed Paper Cards. By using seed paper your Thank You Note will end up in a garden, not the trash. As our hearty mix of annual and perennial wild flowers return each year your friends and family will feel appreciated all over again, the beauty of growth and fresh blooms a testament to the beauty inherent in the relationship. 


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