Make an Impression & Show You Care with Custom Christmas Cards

 In Plantable Seed Paper


It’s easy to get swept up in the commercialization of Christmas, but it’s often those gifts with a distinctive personal touch that make the biggest impact. You don’t have to make a grand gesture or spend a fortune to send holiday greetings that will truly warm the hearts of your family and friends. Often, the solution is as simple as the right Christmas card.

Personalize it With Pictures

The best way to personalize your Christmas cards is with a photo. It’s easier than ever to print eye-catching photo cards everywhere from the Internet to your local drug store. However, there are a few places that will let you take the now-traditional photo card to another level. Before you begin customizing your card with special extras, you need to choose the perfect photo.

Don’t worry about looking like a family of models. Instead, capture the charm unique to your family. Make silly faces, take an action shot of everyone baking cookies, or create a collage of all the best moments from the past year. Forget about sleek studio shots, and pick a photo that’s infused with your personality.

Add a Versatile Gift

Ready to really ramp up your Christmas card’s wow factor? Choose one that includes a seed paper gift along with your photo card. Seed paper ornaments offer your friends and family something that will last for months. They’ll make a charming addition to the Christmas tree through winter, go into the ground in spring, and pop up as a profusion of wildflowers later in the year.

With the simple addition of a little seed paper, your Christmas card can become a summer bouquet. You can also opt for a seed paper photo frame that keeps your card on display for the holidays before becoming a part of the garden.

Green Up Your Efforts

There’s a lot of paper traveling through the mail and wrapped around gifts this time of year. Make your festivities a little greener with recycled products. Choose cardstock and envelopes for your holiday cards that are made from recycled paper. You can make your holidays eco-friendly at home as well by recycling the paper you consume through the season and encouraging others to do the same.

Finish With a Festive Note

Your sleek and charming Christmas cards are sure to make an impact on their own, but you can personalize each one with just a few moments of thoughtful effort. Jot a kind note on the back of your cards with a personal touch for each recipient. Thank them for their fantastic Thanksgiving pie, tell them how much their friendship meant this past year, or compliment them on the kids. Adding a handmade stamp to the envelope as you seal it for delivery is another quick way to let your recipients know each card got a little TLC of its own.

Your Christmas cards don’t need to blend into the background of the holiday mail rush. Customize your seasonal greetings, and your cards will have a lasting impact for seasons to come.

Image via Flickr by ShardsOfBlue

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