Mother’s Day: Honoring The Women Behind The Bride and Groom

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Your Wedding Day isn’t special for just you; your mother is also gleaming with euphoria and elation. It’s a day they’ve been dreaming of since you were crawling about in those snug little diapers. And for them, it’s more than flowers and colors; it marks another flourishing milestone in the life of their beloved.

In the greatness that is Mother’s Day, we want to highlight the selfless acts provided to us by our moms on that smashing day. They’ve had a nourishing hand in helping us walk, sending us off to school, giving us ‘the look’ when we bring home the wrong companion and later approving of the son or daughter-in-law she will soon receive. So let’s make this weekend about them, let’s dote on these women and praise them for the extraordinary mothers that they are.

In the Absence of a Wedding Planner, They Act as One

Your budget may not include that wedding planner who was highlighted in Brides Magazine, but don’t fret, you’ve got planner mom. With open communication and a three-ring organization system, your wedding is on the road to systemized bliss. While you’re daydreaming in blush and lavender, your unpaid wedding planner is crunching numbers, arranging guests and making sure the sunset falls directly behind you as you say, “I do.” Look at that, you now have a Jay Z / Beyonce style wedding minus that outrageous wedding planner.

Whether You Like it or Not, They do have Good Ideas

This falls in line with ‘planner mom.’ Her ability to sift through the nit and grit is amazing, but you may find many of her ideas to be outrageous and unnecessary. While that’s a just response to have, it’s worth hearing her out. She adds songs to the list that will resonate with your grandparents and she (without the help of Pinterest) comes up with brilliant DIY décor that’ll make you say “wow.” Let’s face it, she’s been around longer than you, and quite frankly, she knows what works and what doesn’t.

They Make Your Expectations Realistic

You want a 10-Tier cake with live doves perched on top? Sorry sweetie, how about 3 tiers and an elegant dove inspired cake-topper. Moms aren’t here to crush your dreams, they facilitate them and turn these aspirations into sensible aspects of your wedding day. With a little love and homework, they can turn your 20K dress into a similar 5K dress. And that chart-topping band you’re so desperate for, your mom found highly respected knockoffs who no doubt will keep your guests dancing until midnight. It’s your job to dream big and it’s your mom’s job to turn them into feasible aspirations.

Tell Us About Your Mom!

We’d like to honor these women through a special Bloomin contest. We want you to get on our Facebook Page and comment on the Mother’s Day status, telling us why your mom is so special and what she did to help plan your big day (don’t forget to tag her in your comment). We’ll pick our favorite story and announce the winner on Mother’s Day. The winners mom will receive a collection of our seed paper cards. Check them out here!

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