New Years Eve Wedding Suite: Why NYE is an Extremely Underrated Time to Get Married

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As 2015 comes to a close, we are surrounded (here in Colorado) by the grays of winter and the promise of a new year. Although New Years Eve. is one of the most popular holidays to host a big celebration, it is not usually considered a desireable wedding date.

This may be because of fear that guests will have to face intense weather conditions, holidays such as Christmas and Hannukah overshadow the big day, or simply because the cold and icy nature outside does not match the warm budding love within. However, this stark contrast is what makes us here at Bloomin’ love the idea of a New Years Eve Wedding, and of using our customizable Twilight Suite to match:


1. Most people have off New Years Eve. and New Years Day. Not only is there little chance of cancellations due to work, but people all over the world are in the mood to celebrate.

2. Because December is cold and considered an “off season” for weddings, it is likely you will get a great deal on your venue.

3. NYE is chock-full of the most perfect symbolism for Starting a New Life together, resolutions or promises made, transitions, and renewal. 

4. As Meredith Bodgas puts perfectly in her Huffington Post Blog: “I would welcome an invitation to a wedding on New Year’s Eve so I don’t have to think about how the hell I’ll spend it.”

5. Noise Makers, confetti, party hats, and all the fun accessories one wants for a wedding are extremely easy to find at this time of year and for a great price.

6. All (or most) of the people you love and who love you will be congregated in one area for you to ring in the New Year with- no need to party hop or call/text your entire phonebook. 

7. The grays and whites of our Twilight Suite add a muted but classy subtlety that recenters guests on the point of the evening, the wedding, and is in stark contrast to one of the loudest, brightest, craziest holidays all year!



Twilight Suite



Customize the Twilight Suite here:×6/invitation-1-6522013-02-20-16-45-58-655-6562013-02-22-00-30-47-727-detail

Check out Bloomin’s 8 Ways to Go Green this NYE : 


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