Remembering Aaron Tuneberg

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daily camera shout out II 4.25.14

Aaron rode on all the Boulder Cruiser bike rides. His bike was pimpin’ and his costumes were just as wild as everyone else’s. Just within the last few months he had added a hydraulic system to his low rider bike to make it drop down and rise up whenever he wanted. Aaron was also developmentally disabled. A few of us here at Bloomin knew Aaron. Some of us didn’t even know he was disabled. Friends of Aaron’s at the Bloomin’ office donated the plantable memorial bike cards that you see in the picture above. They will grow wildflowers when planted.

Aaron was killed after suffering traumas in a robbery attempt on March 31st. Even though he was disabled, he lived alone and independently. Aaron was able to integrate into the community when so many developmentally disabled people are not able to. Last night was the Cruiser Memorial Ride for Aaron. His family and friends stood up and spoke for and about him. There were tears and memories and laughs.

Aaron, may you still be yelling “Happy Thursday”, wherever you may be.

Aaron Matthew Tuneberg Memorial Fund

Send donations to: Noel Culberson, Morgan Stanley, One Boulder Plaza, 1800 Broadway, Suite 120, Boulder, CO 80302

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