Summer Wedding Craze: 2014 Color Palette

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Brides are whispering radiant orchid, placid blue and hemlock into the delicate ears of bridesmaids everywhere. According to Pinterest, E! News and Fashion Specialists, it’s preeminent to honor these color trends. Last year we saw weddings drenched in the yellow shade of a lemon, enriching emerald greens and poppy reds. These events were bold and vivacious; they stood out and made a statement. This 2014 season, Pantones is taking a step back, inviting softer tones to their palettes.

Radiant Orchid


With the universal meaning for royalty, the power of purple is unlike any other. Radiant Orchid is not only the color of the summer; it’s the color of 2014. From bridesmaid dresses and violets, your wedding will be gleaming. But don’t forget about the men, placing groomsmen in pieces of purple is quite masculine and heroic.
Consider mixing radiant orchid with a softer tone of purple and white. The color combo will create a polished scheme, perfect for evening weddings. You will be on trend with this timeless color mixture, also beautiful in shades of ombre.

Bridal Bouquet: Boulder Blooms
Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dress:
Wedding Cake: Design Cakes

Placid Blue

Close your eyes and picture these colors complimenting a rustic farmhouse with magnolias in full bloom. Think wispy, dainty and elegant. This pastel beauty is effortless and accessible, matching any landscape with ease. We’ve seen Placid Blue gracing the runway and fashioning celebrities, it’s not loud, it doesn’t steal the show and it acts as a flattering accessory. And the icing on the cake? The wedding guidebook will be proud of your “something blue.”

Wedding Invitation: Bloomin Seed Paper
Earrings: LaurinWedding
Bridal Bouquet: BizouBizou



Natures favorite color and one of the more versatile pastels. Hemlock resembles a mint green offering tranquility to your big day. Could you imagine how angelic this color will be in front of the vibrant blue ocean or a calming lake? With above the knee bridesmaid dresses, orchids in hand and bare-feet you’ve set the scene. Be mindful of the dominant nature of this sweet green, use it in moderation and pair it with soft pinks or yellows.

Garland: Timber and Stitch
Bridesmaid Bouquet: Mod Cloth
Wedding Cake: Fab Mood


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