The beachy way to do a wedding!

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Last week Bloomin’ wrote about a beautiful way, both aesthetically and environmentally, to have an outdoor wedding. It may have left some of you out as you would prefer the scenery of the beach and the endless ocean water. Who doesn’t love going to the beach? So without further ado, let’s dive in (pun intended) to what makes a stunning and green seaside wedding.

1) “No shoes required.” Women love their heels and feeling fancy, but it would be almost impossible to strut your stuff on the sandy ground. So loose the stilettos, wedges, or high heels and put your toes in the sand. This lovely couple was prepared with Toms shoes, an awesome benefit company! They have vegan, hemp, and eco-friendly foot-wear; not to mention TOMS works with more than 100 giving partners to deliver TOMS shoes, sight, water, safe births, and bullying prevention to people in need in 70 different countries.

toms on

2) It’s never fun to squint, but no one wants to miss a single moment watching two love-birds unite. A fun party-favor would be a basket of sunglasses for those who were unprepared. Be sure there is adequate UV protection to protect your friends and family from the bright shining sun and your love.


3) Growfetti! Weddings are a celebration and full of joy, fun, and traditions. I think it’s great to find a tradition unique to yourselves and make it your own. Maybe…instead of guests throwing rice on your way out they could throw Growfetti and create beauty for others and mark of your special day forever.


4) No glass! Everyone knows you cannot have glass on the beach. Serve your guests on this eco-friendly eatery and be green and safe! Still a single-use dinner-wear, but they won’t live forever in a landfill. These can be made of materials such as bamboo, palm leaves and corn instead of petroleum-laced plastics and paper pulp.


Free décor! What could be better than having a beautiful scenery and decorations free of charge. A beautiful sunset or sunrise creates the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. Spend a day with your sweetheart and pick up sea shells before the big day and create a perfect centerpiece.


I love thinking outside the box and creating a wedding that no one else has done. Enjoy being creative with a world of possibilities to not only create a day you and your significant other won’t forget, but ones that will leave your guests remembering as well. Check out our Pinterest board for even more fun idea’s!

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