Bloomin’s Spring Suite of the Month: The Blooming Tulip

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Spring is starting to, well, spring! and what better way to celebrate love than amidst the blossoming of new life? You guessed it- it’s time for our newest installment of Bloomin’s Seed Paper Wedding Suite of the Month, the Blooming Tulip.


Tulips are spring blooming perennials, and are started from bulbs. They tend to be one of the first flowers to show up both on the shelves and in your neighbor’s gardens at the first hint of warm weather. Tulips have quite the interesting history:

  • There are over 3000 varieties of Tulips.
  • Tulips are part of the Lily family
  • Red and Yellow Tulips are considered to be declarations of love
  • The black center of some Tulips is thought to represent a heart char-burned with passion
  • Tulips were very significant to the Ottoman Empire, thought to represent abundance, indulgence, and paradise on earth
  • The wealthiest time period for the Ottomans was named the Tulip Era
  • In the Netherlands Tulips represent the briefness of life
  • The word “Tulip” has its origins in Persia, originally named after the Turban-like shape of the blossom
  • Tulip petals are edible

In honor of what seems like the oncoming of Spring, we at Bloomin have chosen the Blooming Tulip Suite as the perfect symbol of your blossoming love, of renewal and new hope.


savethedate 11

Blooming Tulip Save The Date

bloomingtulip envelope

Blooming Tulip Envelope

invite 11

Blooming Tulip Invitation

infocard 11

Blooming Tulip Information Card

bloomingtulip matchbook

Blooming Tulip Matchbook

Bloomin Butterfly PM Favor


Bloomin Butterfly Plantable Favor




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