Top 3 hottest eco-friendly trends for 2014 summer weddings

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1. Wear vintage!

Not only will you be super-stylish this summer in a lacy frock from yesteryear, but you’ll also be re-using material that would have otherwise been made new. Find a used wedding dress and ask a seamstress to fit it and to add elements that reflect your personal style. This can make for a one of a kind dress that still meets your goal of “less impact”. Wedding rings made from re-purposed family jewelry is another way to start your marriage sustainably. Another bonus in using family heirlooms for your wedding attire is that it will connect you to a story that started long before your special day. Whether its layers, lace, beads, diamonds, or silk – make it authentically yours. Some call it upcycling, re-purposing, or just plain vintage!

upcycled dress   upcycled dress II

2.Go Rustic Woodland!

The rustic woodland theme has been an overarching wedding trend in 2014, especially for outdoor weddings. Sustainable at its core, this rustic look celebrates natural elements like branches, lush greens, and the hardy outdoors. Touches like hand-carved wooden stumps, a burlap & pinecone ring bearer pillow, and even live woodland animals makes for a completely original rustic celebration. The best part of this growing eco-friendly trend is that it is often less expensive when you add décor touches from the natural world.



3. Stay local!

In almost every sense, staying local also means saving money because you don’t have to worry about the cost of transport of goods. This is the truest for using local flowers instead of importing exotic flowers to fit your color scheme. Assuming the majority of your guests live in the same area as you and your fiancé, choose a local venue to cut down on the carbon costs of flying. Signing up for locally owned gift registries or asking guests for donations to your favorite cause is also a growing trend. Going with a local caterer or farm for your wedding menu means you’ll have the ripest in-season foods that are also responsibly grown and raised. Sustainable meat & seafood, local artisanal cheeses, and organic wine & beer are not usually the cheapest options, but perhaps “going local” across the board will even out the score!

local food

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